Jen’s Lumos Journey: Parting Thoughts

It's Sunday afternoon in Nashville, and everything's as it should be. I'm reclining in a comfortable maroon chair at one of my favorite coffee shops, taking in the melody of the current song, the murmur of voices, the gray skies where rain is hitting pavement, the green and lush of the trees. It's like nothing … Continue reading Jen’s Lumos Journey: Parting Thoughts


Mandela, Missionvale, & Me. 

When Nelson Mandela was freed from prison, people wanted some way to commemorate his birthday. Many suggested grand parades or festivals. Mandela disagreed. The way he wanted to be remembered is by what he was remembered for—his years of service in fighting for freedom and justice. He humbly asked his fellow South Africans to honor … Continue reading Mandela, Missionvale, & Me.