Meal Prep Monday!

Hey guys! Hope you had a stellar weekend! Mine was full of Miss Nashville adventures—an appearance at the Heart Ball in Chattanooga, and then a photoshoot with the fabulous Matt and Meredith Boyd in Atlanta! Needless to say, there wasn't a lot of time for rest this weekend, but I was able to get back … Continue reading Meal Prep Monday!


The {Exhaustive!} Nashville Summer Bucket List!

Hey y'all! Can you believe that it's almost summer already? I think it finally hit me when I stepped onto a rather empty campus and realized that everything was a beautiful shade of green. Nashville's spring is typically rainy, but once the clouds clear, you're left with absolutely beautiful blooms (and absolutely horrible allergies).   … Continue reading The {Exhaustive!} Nashville Summer Bucket List!

A Quick Pause.

Hey friends. So to be completely honest, I shouldn't be writing right now. It's 12:30 in the morning, I have homework that hasn't been done, laundry that hasn't been put away, emails that haven't been responded to, and a to-do list that grows longer by the minute. Since when did life become so complicated? Anyways, … Continue reading A Quick Pause.

Ten Things to Do This November.

Hi friends! Can you believe that it's November already? I checked my phone this morning and the temperature was a blustery 30 degrees, which caused me to immediately think that IT'S SNOWING WEATHER. But before we get into Michael Bublé and peppermint scented things, let's enjoy November for what it is—the last colorful notes of … Continue reading Ten Things to Do This November.


This morning, I woke up at 9:15 AM. At this point, I had already missed two meetings and was well on my way to having a horrible day. This would not have been so bad except for the fact that yesterday, I woke up at 8:35 AM, missing most of one of my most important … Continue reading Breathe.

Spring Breakin’.

So currently I am up to my eyeballs in midterms, stress, meetings, sickness, projects, and general February madness. It's to the point where every hour of my life from now until Friday is planned {this is my scheduled free time's sad when you have to schedule free time.} Every kid here at Belmont has … Continue reading Spring Breakin’.