Jen’s Eats: Germantown Café

Hey everyone! Hope life is going swimmingly! I just want to say that this is probably the first time that I've got blog content lined up for three days in a row. It feels pretty good to have one small part of my life put together (and by that, I mean that I am still … Continue reading Jen’s Eats: Germantown Café


The {Exhaustive!} Nashville Summer Bucket List!

Hey y'all! Can you believe that it's almost summer already? I think it finally hit me when I stepped onto a rather empty campus and realized that everything was a beautiful shade of green. Nashville's spring is typically rainy, but once the clouds clear, you're left with absolutely beautiful blooms (and absolutely horrible allergies).   … Continue reading The {Exhaustive!} Nashville Summer Bucket List!

How 2048 Will Take Over Your Life In Ten Steps {With Visuals!}

Hey y'all! So as I was in the car today, losing at 2048 for the three-hundred-millionth dozenth time, I pictured writing this blog and the inevitable questions that would ensue. I decided to answer them, press conference style, before getting to the issue at hand that has caused me to abandon my hiatus as a writer … Continue reading How 2048 Will Take Over Your Life In Ten Steps {With Visuals!}

Techy Thursday: My Favorite Websites

Hey all!So I'm trying to get on board with posting every week, and since Thursday is my favorite day of the week I'm going to try and make it around then! Today I'm talking about technology stuff, but I don't know how many "T" words I can come up with... {T-Swift Thursday? Theta Thursday? Twerking … Continue reading Techy Thursday: My Favorite Websites

Spring Breakin’.

So currently I am up to my eyeballs in midterms, stress, meetings, sickness, projects, and general February madness. It's to the point where every hour of my life from now until Friday is planned {this is my scheduled free time's sad when you have to schedule free time.} Every kid here at Belmont has … Continue reading Spring Breakin’.