Hi friends!

Sorry I’ve been so on-again, off-again these past few weeks. If I can be honest here (can I be honest here?) I’ve approached the two month mark of living in DC and have been feeling a little unsure of myself.

Maybe it’s feeling like there aren’t enough minutes of the day, or criticizing myself for talking too much, or criticizing myself because I didn’t say enough…I think whenever we step into big dreams in our lives, sooner or later there is some form of resistance. We doubt our abilities and other’s faith in us.

April always makes me think of seeds springing up from the ground. For a seed, it’s pretty dark for a while. The growing is rough. But at some point, there’s breakthrough. There’s a tiny shoot that rears its head into the world and says “I’m here, and I’m staying.”

What I’m trying to say is, if you’re also in a season where you’re being crippled by self-doubt or resistance, I get you. But you may be right on the cusp of a breakthrough. There’s no better time to keep growing.



  • It’s Cherry Blossom season here in DC! This past weekend I got to see only about a million small children with kites participate in the Blossom Kite Festival, and a million more parents actually flying said kites.IMG_3385
  • Bill Viola’s Moving Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery really stuck with me. It’s the first time media art has been used in the portrait gallery, and was really very human.
  • Have loved getting to be a part of the community at The Table. A truly authentic group of smart people willing to discuss the ins and outs of Christianity, and to support each other throughout that process.


  • Finally (finally!) made it to the Cherry Blossom Pub. The hour wait was worth it, as I had one of the most fantastic mandarin-infused cocktails and got to take in simply stunning origami and cherry blossoms. Also, the other half of the bar was vintage Mario themed, so I had to geek out a little bit.IMG_3366 (1)
  • Still going to argue that the Fritatta Sandwich at Open City is the best way to start your morning of all time.
  • This weekend we supported Peru flood victims at China Chilcano. Tried Pisco (a Peruvian liquor) for the first time and enjoyed a traditional polladaIMG_3391

That’s it from me for now! I hope you have a wonderful week, and give yourself a little extra credit for where you are right now.




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