True story: I love podcasts. I rarely have time to sit down and watch videos (unless it’s a total binge of House of Cards) but podcasts are one of those things that you can enjoy just about anywhere—on a run, during one’s morning commute, or (if you’re like me) while making dinner.

Podcasts are a great way to sneak a little more knowledge or perspective into your day. I’m a big believer in information osmosis, so here are some good ideas to surround yourself with during the course of your week!

juja-han-210775.jpgTED Radio Hour. TED and NPR teamed up to create this series of podcasts that span a variety of questions of interest to the average human—what factors really influence how we make decisions? Is democracy really the best form of government? To answer these questions, host Guy Raz pulls from a variety of TED talks and interviews. No need to be a specialist to listen to this podcast—it answers questions applicable to just about anyone.

Inspirational LivingBasically, a guy with a super-soothing voice reads from a variety of texts about living a better life. This is a great way to explore the ideas of older thinkers like Emerson or Aristotle without having to read the entirety of their works.

Revisionist HistoryYou all should know by this point that I am OBSESSED with Malcolm Gladwell and was super happy that he came out with this podcast last year (and counting the days until his next series!). This podcast explores ideas that we take for granted—like whether or not satire is an effective way of criticizing the government, or why car malfunctions are more mental than anything else.

Your Move with Andy StanleyAndy Stanley is great. Even though he’s a pastor, his sermons are a lot more like life talks—easily relatable to anyone with very practical life applications. These 30 minute discussions focus around ideas like time, money, happiness, and the like.

The DailyI’m a big fan of the New York Times, and their daily news podcast is a great way to catch up on current events (that is, if you’re not already getting their morning briefing. I’d recommend both). Good journalism and relevant topics brought to you by Michael Barbaro.

I’m always on the prowl for more good podcast recommendations, so let me know your favorites in the comments!




4 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned Wednesday: My Favorite Podcasts

  1. For learning: #AskGaryVee – Anything Gary Vaynerchuk puts out is amazing. (also on Twitter and YouTube)

    For laughing: You Meet In a Tavern – 5 of my friends drink beer and play dungeons and dragons. Hilarity ensues.

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