Hey friends!

Happy first day of spring! Now that winter is officially behind us, my thoughts are turning to warm weather pursuits: picnics, morning runs, and the like. It’s also when I’m prompted to swap my hot coffee for the iced variety, and my tea for fancy waters!

I get really bored drinking plain water—but a few years ago, I found that throwing a few fresh finds into water makes it so much more interesting (plus, you feel super fancy drinking it, hence the name). Apparently, I’m not the only one on this train: my work switches up their daily rotation of infused waters, and I love it!

How to enjoy: basically, just toss these ingredients into a glass, your water bottle, or even a pitcher. They even have special infuser bottles if you don’t want to accidentally inhale a strawberry or something. I’d recommend only keeping this water for 1-2 days for maximum freshness.

I made this nifty infographic with some of my favorite flavor combos—enjoy and share yours in the comments!

Water Upgrades.png

Here’s to warm weather and a happy Spring!




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