Good morning friends!

I hope your coffee is strong and your spirits are high. Spring is right around the corner, y’all! We’ve *almost* made it. As we get ready to gear up for a new season of growth, take pride in who you are, how far you’ve come, and where you’re going.


Following that AM pep talk, here are a few things from my neck of the woods…

One. I’m trying to get in the habit of watching a documentary every Sunday (because, let’s face it, we all have a lot to learn about, well, everything). This past week I watched 13th and was overwhelmed. Racial inequality seems like just a political term until you look at how deeply entrenched it is in our history. If you have your doubts about things like the Black Lives Matter movement (or even if you don’t), watch this.

Two. Somehow I ended up missing my trip to IHOP for National Pancake Day, but I’ll definitely be making these this weekend: Double Chocolate Pancakes.


Three. This week I took you on a tour of my D.C. apartment! Hint: there are a lot of plants for a little space. I’m loving it though.

Four. If you need a dinner idea tonight, might I recommend this Sweet Potato Gnocchi with a creamy butter sauce and a glass of wine?


Five. Hey remember that one time I ran a half-marathon? Yeah, well, I’m doing that again tomorrow.

Have I trained for it? No.

Is the weather going to be even remotely pleasant? Also no.

But in the words of my childhood hero Hilary Duff…Hilary-Duff-Why-Not-Gif

See you back here on Sunday (if I make it).





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