A little over a month ago, I moved to a 330 sq. foot apartment in Washington D.C., a place that’s now starting to look a little like home. Since many of y’all don’t live in D.C. and I probably couldn’t fit more than three of you in here at once, I wanted to give you a virtual tour of my apartment, as well as some tips for living and loving your own small space.IMG_5557I have to be honest, I was NOT ready for how small a “studio” apartment would really be. At first, it kind of seemed like a glorified dorm room. But honestly, living in D.C. is worth it! I love walking my dog at the National Cathedral, meeting new people every day, and taking in the energy of the city in a myriad of different ways. I’m rarely at home, but when I am, I’ve made sure it’s a place I love being.IMG_5530This is pretty much what you’ll see walking into my apartment—this open space which doubles as my living room AND bedroom (yes, that cleverly disguised “couch” is actually my bed). To avoid feeling cramped, I’ve kept everything as simple as possible—focusing on placing most of my furniture on the edges of the room and leaving a lot of open space.IMG_5541Finding furniture that pulled double duty was essential in this apartment. I’ve got a lamp that doubles as a nightstand, a bed that doubles as a couch, and a table that doubles as a kitchen nook/workspace!IMG_5542To keep a light and open feeling, I went with neutral colors (lots of whites!) and fresh florals (everywhere!). These simple and calming colors really help to open up the apartment. I also love my huge windows and keep them open all the time (my neighbors are probably VERY acquainted with my wine-and-cookie habits.IMG_5543I love my kitchen—the granite countertop is great for cooking (as you’ll see from my last post). There’s also a lot of cupboard storage, so I don’t have to leave a lot lying out, which is great!IMG_5552For a tiny apartment, I was blessed with not one, but TWO closets! My first closet (closest to the entryway) has officially been designated as Winston’s room (seriously). I’ve got a few cleaning supplies on the upper shelves, but it’s good for the both of us that he has his own space to chill and hang out.IMG_5546And now we’re on to my ~actual~ closet. Lots of room here, so I didn’t actually need to get anything but a small dresser (bottom left) and a shoe rack (hiding on the right). I’m also one of those dorks who color-coded her closet. Please don’t judge.IMG_5548My bathroom has a stellar mirror for makeup, and a tub that’s meant for bubble baths with wine and candles. I brought a bit of color to this space with gold and navy accents and a windowsill plant, of course!



3 thoughts on “My Teeny-Tiny Apartment Tour!

  1. I love the simplicity of your place! It would definitely be hard to make a small apartment work but I think they’re so cute and homey! Ps…your dog is adorable!! :p

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