Hey friends.

First of all, apologies for being MIA last week. This past month has been crazy for reasons I won’t choose to share at the moment, and I needed a little bit of breathing room to make it through the week. Fortunately, I did, and even gave myself some time to do a little recipe development (yay!) for the next few weeks.

This post is going to be short and sweet because it’s Sunday and I want some cuddles with my dog and a glass of wine. Here we go.


Of course, spring would do that thing where it comes just long enough for you to switch out your wardrobe, then vanishes to allow winter to come back with a vengeance. Despite enough flip-flopping to make politicians blush, here are a few highlights from the week.


  • First class with Soteria Community School taught me Islam is a lot more similar and a lot more different than Christianity. Intrigued to continue delving into the history and conversations between these two faith groups.
  • Got to hear author Gene Stone this weekend about what it means to live in the Trump era—hint, it’s a lot to do with getting off Twitter and into groups with a history of fighting for social justice.

    Gene Stone @ Politics and Prose
  • Checked off another embassy on my list: saw Little Senegal at the French Embassy to celebrate Black History month.


  • First official slice of DC pizza was from Farmers Fishers Bakers. Their Detroit-style deep dish was nothing short of bliss.

    Farmers Fishers Bakers | Georgetown
  • La Tomate is a great place for a glass of wine, sweet bites, and good conversation.
  • I found my little slice of Nashville at Colony Club in NE Washington. Strong coffee, hip vibes, good atmosphere. I dig it!

    Colony Club| Park View

Hopefully this week I can say goodbye to wool jackets and hello to cherry blossoms! As a reminder, you’re a fantastic human being and deserve an extra hour of sleep and a doughnut this week. Make it happen!




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