Hey pals.

Sorry I missed ya on Friday. I thought about writing, I really did. But my body told me that what I really needed to do on Friday instead of writing was to make a pan of brownies and put on my comfy pajamas and watch Gilmore Girls until I fell asleep around 8PM. It’s not super glamorous or exciting, but if you’re anything like me sometimes the pressure to be cool and exciting is a little much.

This blog is a journey between recording those photo-worthy moments and embracing the reality that being a normal “boring” human being is perfectly A-OK. We can’t (and shouldn’t) do it all. I’m preaching to the choir here, but you happen to be reading this post so I’m roping you in, too.


This week will officially mark my first month in the District (whaattttt?) It’s been cool. On one hand, lots of things feel super natural, like striking up conversations about social entrepreneurship at coffee shops or attending seminars on social justice. On the other hand, new city things are still new city things…the awkward feeling when you walk into an event/bar/anything and know nobody and have to put your big girl pants on and just say hi. It’s hard, but it’s been rewarding, and I’m treasuring these little moments of struggles and small wins as part of growing up (still).


  • I had President’s Day off which was super fun! I decided to play tourist and walk the National Mall. It still kind of feels like I’m just visiting, but I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll be running past the Lincoln Memorial or having a picnic on the lawn of the Washington Monument. img_3087
  • I also got to visit the Library Of Congress’ Reading Room. It’s only open twice a year, so I took advantage and got my nose in some books…or just smelled the books. Old books have a fabulous smell. They should sell the LOC as a candle or something.img_3085
  • On a whim, I decided to check out The Potter’s House and ended up being introduced to the Soteria Community School…basically, Christianity meets social justice in the educational realm. One thing led to another, and I found myself signed up for a course on the interactions of Christianity and Islam throughout history.


  • Celebrated National Margarita Day at Haydee’s in Mt. Pleasant. Cool place, great karaoke, delicious margs. Good stuff!
  • Bantam King used to be an old Burger King (hence, the homage to the name) and is home to some dang good food. Namely, a feast’s worth of soy honey fried chicken, fluffy buttered rice, and a savory Asian chicken noodle soup. img_3110
  • In the kitchen, I made these delicious breakfast cookies to bring to work next week…you know, so I stop eyeing the doughnut place that I walk by to get there.



Okay, that’s all I have for this week. Do you, even if doing you is comfy socks and cookies (ESPECIALLY if it involves comfy socks and cookies).




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