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We’re back with this week’s edition of DC Confidential. Although I have a surprise day off work tomorrow for President’s Day (yes!) and am likely to do some very DC-things, here’s a quick recap.

Washington National Cathedral


Second week of work was stellar! I’ve gotten a little more used to the day-to-day and am asking fewer and fewer dumb questions (I hope!). Really in love with our co-working space—there are plenty of opportunities to change up the scenery for a creativity boost. Also, there’s a fantastic doughnut shop called Bethesda Bagels that will serve you mid-afternoon doughnuts the size of your face. Heck. Yes.

Bethesda Bagels | Dupont Circle

Washington rewarded us with some fantastic weather this weekend, which got me totally excited for spring. Strolling through DC’s different neighborhoods is so much nicer when you’ve got an iced coffee in tow.


  • Laid on the floor of the National Cathedral and enjoyed some great ~mood~ lighting and music for Seeing Deeper: Space, Light, and Sound. I was reminded of the salon at the Renwick Gallery—so many vibrant colors, and such a cool way to make use of this space.
    Washington National Cathedral


  • Did some walking in Georgetown, which, of course, is packed on a Saturday. Still, I enjoyed getting to stop in some of the shops and make it down to the waterfront. Excited to do some running here, once my body is entirely convinced that it is no longer winter.


  • Saw my first DC comedy show at Wonderland Ballroom in Columbia Heights. I love DC comedy because it’s smart and can make fun of the fact that this is a town that partially rolls its eyes at every news headline. It’s how we deal.
  • img_3068
    Wonderland Ballroom | Columbia Heights


  • Happy Hour at Cafe Citron—a quick walk from work and drink specials that make me think I can almost afford to go out in D.C. Tequlia Sunrise, anyone?
    Cafe Citron | Dupont Circle


  • While I was in Georgetown this weekend, I had to stop by Dog Tag Bakery, which is one of the organizations that is supported by World Central Kitchen. Such a cool way to empower military veterans and their families—and the chocolate chip cookie I had was just as sweet.
    Dog Tag Bakery | Georgetown


  • Today I was overwhelmed in the best way possible at Union Market. It’s a culinary smorgasbord of over 40 different food vendors from all kinds of places and cuisines. In a moment of true adventure, I decided on a burger (haha) which I loved, and vanilla cardamom ice cream for dessert. Cannot wait to come back to this place!
    Union Market | Photo via Zagat


That’s it for this week! I’m excited about tomorrow’s presidential adventures and other happenings later this week. Thanks for taking some time to read about my little part of the world in Washington!




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