Happy Sunday, friends!

The Bishop’s Garden | Washington National Cathedral

I promised I’d take a second to sit down and write about my new life in DC. Figuring out how and what to write about has taken me a second, especially because I’ve been spending most of those other seconds trying not to get lost (especially in my new office, which is essentially an endless maze of pretty glass and good coffee). I’ve wanted to do a little bit more travel/location/lifestyle writing, so here we are! If you’ve got a tip on something I should check out or write about, please let me know in the comments!


First week of work was pretty dang rad. Since this is my first ~real~ job, I had no idea what to expect. Definitely was dreading the 9-5 life. WCK is not like that at all. I love our small but mighty team, our gorgeous coworking space, and the values of social enterprise that guide everything we do. Even though I felt a little overwhelmed diving right in, I have no doubt I’m in the right place.

Outside of work, I had the opportunity to meet and connect with some really great people. The entire idea of networking actually terrifies me, especially in a place as accomplished and ambitious as Washington. But as one of the people I met with this week reminded me, people in DC tend to move here because they genuinely believe they can make a difference. The more people that are connected in that effort, the better. Needless to say, I found a little bit more confidence this week and learned that genuine interest in who people are and what they’re doing always serves you well.

City Mural | Columbia Heights

I’m loving living in Cathedral Heights! Winston has gotten used to the apartment life (although he requires plenty of vigorous walking when I’m home!) and I’ve learned to love all 330 square feet of my teeny, tiny, perfect home. I’ve got a few more things I’d like to add before showing to the world, but expect an apartment tour blog post soon!

Church this morning was incredible—I’m still in the process of finding my home, so I actually went to two services today! At both, I appreciated the incredible diversity (I heard people at each service talking in languages I didn’t recognize). It’s super important to me to find a body of believers that is intentional about being attuned to the needs of our world, and I have no doubt I’ll find that here.

The Table Church | Columbia Heights



  • Went to a book discussion at Politics and ProseTo be honest, I haven’t had time to read in the past few weeks, but I really wanted to check out P&P and the book/author sounded super interesting! It was a full house and great discussion—I’ll definitely be back again.
  • Walked about 9 miles a day. I haven’t used my car at all this week, but between walking from bus/Metro stops, I’ve logged a lot more miles than usual. I’m expecting Athenian calves in no time.
  • Spent the evening at the Italian Embassy supporting one of my work’s partner organizations, Fabretto. We’re working with them on building coffee roasting plants in Nicaragua, providing employment for students and giving families over 400% more income than they usually make from selling coffee. So great to hear their story and meet the people involved in making those big things happen. Also, there was great food and a photobooth, so wins all around.



  • Tenley Bar and Grill is just a short trip up the road from me, and I was super impressed with their cocktail list! Mojitos may be a little unusual this time of year, but I couldn’t pass up on the blueberry/mint combo and Wednesday night Trivia.
  • Starbucks Molten Hot Chocolate is only around until Valentine’s Day, and since you don’t have to be in DC to get it, I would highly recommend.
  • Was introduced to the magic that is Daikaya/Izikaya last night. Even though we went extra early, there was still a 45 minute wait for Daikaya (which can run up to three hours, so we were lucky!) Fortunately, we headed upstairs and grabbed some drinks/appetizers (namely, fried garlic and lemon sorbet).
Shoyu Ramen @ Daikaya


One bite of this bowl and I knew why people would easily wait 3 hours for a $13 bowl. The rich caramel broth that brought all of these ingredients together made me feel like I had truly graduated from college ramen to the real world. Real ramen. Real good. Try it.

Super pumped for another great week at work and some new adventures—I’m planning on paying a visit to the Kennedy Center this week and finding the best happy hour hangs in Dupont! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next DC Confidential.




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