Good morning from Washington!

Waking up in this apartment in this city still feels like a dream.

Sure, it was a snow-racked 24 hours to actually get from Wisconsin to DC, a very long and very expensive trip to the DMV to become a Washingtonian, and a constant learning process in figuring out how apartment keys and public transportation work, but it’s also been so good for my soul. Even in the chaos, I’ve been surrounded with an overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude. In today’s world, having a college degree, a safe place to live, and job in my field are incredible gifts. Spending a lot of time in gratitude for that today—and especially to the people who have encouraged and supported me in running towards and not away from life’s biggest adventures (looking especially at you, Mom and Papa).

I’m off to the museums today to do a bit of exploring before starting work on Monday—before I go, here are a few thoughts from this week.

One. Singing praises above because the Whole30 is done, but still trying to incorporate the ideas of mindful eating and clean ingredients into my new life. Here’s a full recap of my experience, if you’re considering a food reset (and you should!)

Two. I am definitely going to be spending Valentine’s Day on the couch with pizza and my dog. Need some help on celebrating accordingly? Homegirl Bri has some great Valentine’s ideas for the single, not-single, and everywhere in-between. While we’re on the topic of friend blogs, my girl Sarah is crushing it with her girl boss job as a traveling leadership consultant, and my dear friend Sam is headed back to China to resume teaching, but not before a trip to Thailand. So lucky to have such amazing women in my life (who also happen to be top-notch writers as well).

Three. Finding and moving and renting my first apartment was an experience and a half. Here are my top tips for finding a place of your own. Note: it involves lots of patience and pats on the back.

Four. Let’s just talk about how excited I am to start running again (even though there are an abundance of winter runners in DC, I’m postponing until March) and also that the DC Road Runners exist. Be my friends!

Five. I went to my first therapy appointment yesterday! Even though I couldn’t be happier about my move, I think therapy is always a great way to continue growing and learning more about yourself. For those of you who also might be in periods of transition or are dealing with some challenges that are bringing on stress and anxiety, can I take a moment and say that you have 100% permission to feel that way? Don’t judge your feelings, but work to understand and know them. Also, this blog I wrote a while back might offer some help. You are loved! You are important! You are exactly where you need to be.

Alright friends, I’m off to play the tourist. Be well and be blessed!




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