Hey friends heyyyyyy!

I am writing this post after an incredible weekend in our nation’s capital…aka MY NEW HOME! I’ve been bursting with this news for weeks, but hunting for an apartment this weekend made it all the more real. I’m so excited to be moving to one of my favorite cities and start my professional career at World Central Kitchen! More news to follow, if I don’t fall over from joy/excitement/exhaustion first. Adulting is HARD, y’all! But it’s worth it. It’s definitely worth it.

Sticking to the Whole30 has been hard in the midst of all this excitement, but this week I finally turned from dreading each day to being 100% determined to stick it out! I got over just eating bacon and bananas and actually started making real food.


Winner recipe of the week was definitely this Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie. I’d been craving something comforting and hearty, and this recipe blew me away! Regular potatoes are also Whole30 compliant, but the sweet potatoes added a new level of flavor that I adored. Seriously, make this!


Another favorite that I made this week was the Banana Nut Porridge and Plantain Bacon Fritters. I’m so happy to have found extra-filling breakfast recipes that don’t rely on eggs (although I still eat my fair share of those) or bread to keep you happy.


I noticed a big change in my body as well this week—instead of fighting off headaches and lacking energy, I noticed that I was a lot more alert and motivated. I think once my mind got over the hurdle of being conscious about my food, my body followed suit.

The only major snag this week was obviously going to DC while doing the Whole30. I brought two bananas with me through security (and got laughed at) and prayed for the best. Thankfully, there was a Whole Foods close to one apartment spot I was looking at (praise!) so it was the one place I could go to and look at all the ingredients in the hot/cold deli. I ended up getting a salad with roasted veggies and chicken, and I felt great! NOTHING was going to stop my Whole30. After a long day of hunting, my dad made me some Whole30 compliant cinnamon apples which were cooked in 100% apple juice. Although they’d PROBABLY classify this as a dessert, I think I deserved it.


Today I reunited with my BFF Sam and we headed down to DC again for some exploring and catching up! We stopped at a burger place that boasted using locally-sourced meat. After asking a few questions about what everything was cooked in, I settled on a burger with all the fixings (minus cheese and the bun) and a fried egg for extra protein. The beef was SO good that I didn’t really feel like I was missing out on anything!


Let’s be honest—doing the Whole30 without having normal access to a kitchen is INCREDIBLY hard. But I’ve made it too far to give up now! With the possibility of moving as early as this week (which involves a 14 hour road trip with my dog) this last week may push me to my limits…but I’m in it for the long haul.

PS—thanks for all the job love, you guys mean the world to me! Can’t wait to start writing about life in the District!



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