Hey friends!

It’s Friday and we’re feeling all sorts of dazed and confused, aren’t we? Maybe confused about our nation, confused about our own lives, confused about whether the dress really was black and blue…

Listen, I don’t have the answers. I don’t even want to begin to attempt to have the answers. All I can do is send a few thoughts and good vibes your way and let life do it’s work. And make you cookies. That too.6zdgwg-2520-scott-webb.jpg

One. I’ve basically said all that I wanted to say about the state of our nation in this post (oh, and maybe this one too). Basically, we are where we are. It is what it is. What are we going to do about it? What legacy as individuals, families, and communities are we going to leave. If you are stressed out about foreign wars and the economy and things that are out of your control, bring it down to the micro level. Kindness and generosity and openness will always serve you well.

Two. The Whole30 kicked my butt last week, but this week is showing a lot more promise. I’m feeling a lot better and have actually gotten around to eating things other than bacon and eggs (although there is still a lot of that situation going on, trust me).

Three. So those cookies I talked about…meet me in ten days for these dark chocolate and red wine cookies…or maybe even these (paleo!) homemade Girl Scout Samoas. Regardless, I am excited to get back into the kitchen and making some sweet treats soon.

Keep It Simple Foods

Four. This week we learned that the Internet is so much more than Buzzfeed and Netflix: My Favorite Internet Spaces and Places.

Five. I have some news that has been hard to share in the middle of all the happenings within the past few weeks. Let’s just say it may involve this and this and a little bit of this. Stay tuned…

I love you all a lot! Thank you for being here.



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