Happy Wednesday friends!

Wow, January is just flying by! It’s been a good month, really—lots of newness and energy that is much needed during these cold winter months. While I’m embracing every last bit of growth and change that’s been happening in and around me, I’m trying to balance it out with a good bit of veg—you know, giving myself permission to do nothing. The truth is, we can’t keep going 100% of the time. We need rest, and sometimes that means just binge-watching Netflix or taking 16 quizzes on Buzzfeed.

But, when you’ve exhausted those possibilities, let me welcome you to my little corner of the Internet—places I go to get a break that are restful and a little bit educational as well. internet.png

Well & Good. I discovered this website sometime within this past year, and it’s one of my favorite daily reads—all the news and information you’d want about what’s going on in the wellness world, delivered in a beautiful (and easy-to-read) format. In addition to articles, they’ve also got killer workouts and recipes—I would personally recommend these Molten Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Cake Cups.

The Atlantic. Although the Atlantic contains traditional news as well, they’ve got a ton of interesting journalism pieces that make for good distracted reading when you’re just curious about something beyond your office desk—for example, this photo series of men and women who are seriously crushing it in the sports world, even though they’re all over 60. Talk about fitness goals!

Joy The Baker. You have seen her recipes in and out of my blog, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Seriously though, Joy has been such an inspiration for my writing voice, even though none of my food will ever turn out as drool-worthy has hers. Even if you’re not into cooking/baking, her Sunday posts and life tips are full of witty humor and good advice. But also…just make her cookies. You’ll thank yourself.

TEDIf reading isn’t your thing, there are tons of short, thought-provoking videos from truly fascinating people all over the world on this site. You can even download them as podcasts to listen to on your way to work! Easily one of the best ways to expand your worldview—click on a video you think you’d have no interest in and prepare to be amazed.

Make. Sometimes the best way to get inspired to do the thing you don’t want to do is to do something else! Get that kinesthetic energy going by getting a side project going that interests you (PS, while you’re at it, want to make me this lamp?)

And there you have it! Not sure if I’ve made you more productive or less…but regardless! Be kind to yourself. Breaks are good. Variety is good. Keep on growing.

With love and caffeine,



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