Guys guys guys guys guys.

This was Week 2. A week, I will refer to affectionately, as Crash & Burn Week. Here’s the thing—I didn’t cheat at all. I didn’t mess up the Whole30. But I did NOT enjoy it. Let me explain…

Sunday started in the highest of hopes. I made these rockin’ Plantain & Bacon Fritters with perfectly runny eggs and a little green onion. They looked so good, my mom even wanted some. Definite win. 10/10 would make again. I mean, look how gorgeous??


Monday I made this delicious White Chicken Chili—which, other than being a tad too spicy (I was kind of generous with the seasonings) was really good. I ended up adding some shredded sweet potato to give it a little bit more body.


There were a few other highlights too. I made this Banana Nut Porridge from Against All Grain, which was a welcome break from all of my egg-heavy breakfasts.


And last night I cobbled together some leftover rotisserie chicken and veggies to make these taco-seasoned lettuce wraps. For a quick meal, they were pretty dang tasty!


You might be asking yourself “These all look so good, what possibly went wrong? The answer, of course, is that other than this, I really didn’t make much else. It’s not that I didn’t have the time…I basically entered into what I’ve deemed as “food exhaustion.” With these exceptions, I had no desire to eat anything but the following: bacon, eggs, apples, and cashew butter. Oh, and of course, everything else I wanted to eat but couldn’t.


So a lot of days ended up looking like this: bacon, eggs, and a banana for breakfast, a green apple and cashew butter for lunch, and eggs again for dinner. You might be yelling at me and telling me “stop starving yourself!” but honestly, I was full. I really didn’t want to eat anything else. It was (is) pretty grim.

It is also EXTREMELY hard to stick to Whole30 when everyone around you thinks you’re nuts and tries to convince you to give it up 24/7. I really wish that I had someone in my general proximity that was doing this with me, but I relied on long-distance support from some friends who have been through the Whole30 and healthy eating struggs (thanks, Sarah and Bri!) By the end of this week, I felt resolved to make it. Even through this…


And this…


As far as how my body felt, the headaches eventually subsided (yay!) although I’ve also noticed that I don’t have a ton of energy when I go to workout (I don’t think I broke a sweat this entire week even though I was there for an hour every day). My stomach has also been making strange-ish (?) gurgling noises, so let’s hope that evens out after a few days.

To fellow or past Whole30-ers: did you ever find yourself in a state of “food exhaustion”? How’d you break the rut?  Let me know in the comments, and send me your good vibes these next two weeks.

With love and cashew butter,



4 thoughts on “January Whole30: Week Two Recap.

  1. Adele’s ChickenApple Sausage is W30 compliant (Costco has a 15 count). and greens- kale, spinach, both fresh and with every meal (put your cooked egg on top of either and let its heat wilt them a bit). You CAN do it!!

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