Happy Wednesday, dear friends!

We’ve had a really weird rain/snow situation here in Wisconsin…the weather just can’t seem to make up its mind. Regardless, I’ve been spending a lot more time indoors—unless it’s a quick and cold trip to the gym. To make that time a little bit more productive, I’m always looking for new reads or new projects…and this past weekend, I took a baby-jump into the world of vision boarding! FullSizeRender 2.jpg

What is vision boarding, exactly? It’s a little bit of crafting, a little bit of science, and a LOT of push pins. Basically, a vision board is an external representation of your goals, values, and dreams. The idea is that the more you see what and who you want to be, the more your brain will fuel you with ideas to make those dreams reality. There’s a nifty article on the Huffington Post that convinced me that it was at least worth a try! While you can create a vision board at any time, why not capitalize on all of that New Year’s energy?

The biggest thing to remember about a vision board is that there’s no one right way to do it. With that being said, here are a few guidelines that might help you to create one of your own!sd2fxgkdagk-brigitte-tohm.jpg

Set your intentions. Vision boards are no good if you haven’t actually thought of where or who you want to be. Similar to life planning, determine a few areas of your life where you’d like to grow. Maybe it’s your career, your finances, your relationships, or your wellness life. Now, start to think about what it would look like for YOU to be successful in those areas—not just “I want to improve my finances” but “I will have saved enough to purchase my first home in the next ten years.” Putting yourself in your future successes is critical to helping you work towards making them come about. Jot these intentions down on a sheet of paper and use them to guide you during the vision board creation process.

Gather your materials! I loved this project because I love being crafty, but really, vision boarding is simple. You basically want to create visual reminders of the intentions that you outlined above. This might include quotes, photos, articles, trinkets, etc. that remind and ignite your excitement for your vision. Grab a few magazines you read or head online to find some material. You’ll also need…

  • A cork board or canvas to put your vision board on. It can be big, small, basic, ornate. Just something that you’ll want to look at every day.
  • Push pins, glue, tape to hold the different elements of your vision board together.
  • Pretty paper to liven up your vision board—you can write on it or use it as a background for photos or quotes you have.
  • Any other crafting materials that bring you joy—I am big into gold and floral, so I got a few (fake) flowers to pin on my board as well as gold trim!

Set the mood. Give yourself some time to put together your vision board—it should be relaxing and inspiring, not another thing to cross of your “to-do” list. Make tea, light candles, play good music, maybe even invite a friend or two to create theirs with you! Give yourself time to really create something you’ll love.

Put it together! There’s no right or wrong when it comes to vision boarding—just make sure that you love it, and realize that it’s something that can constantly change as priorities move in and out of your life. I’m putting my vision board below with just a few explanations to give you an example, but there’s no need to follow any specific formula. Just have fun with it!

Here’s a picture of my finished vision board. In the upper left corner, I have some of my personal goals—mainly to be more grateful and optimistic, and to embrace hardship as a part of my story. I’ve also got a picture of Beyoncé, because when was the last time you ever saw something make that queen any less royal?

In the bottom left corner, I have some of my fitness goals. Karlie Kloss is a huge fitness role model of mine (she has her own nonprofit and teaches girls to code in her spare time, so she’s kind of perfect), so I’ve got a picture of her boxing (one of my favorite things to do!) on there. I’ve also got a 26.2 because I want to run a marathon this year, and a few pictures related to that.

In the upper right corner, you’ll find some of my professional goals. I have a picture of Harvard Business School’s library, which I visited this year, to remind me of the excitement that I felt walking on campus and my dream of getting my MBA there. I’ve also got the B Corporation logo because social and environmental responsibility is a huge part of my professional and personal values. There’s also two more ladies I really admire—Kate Middleton and Emma Watson. They’re both women who have used their influence in powerful ways.

In the bottom right corner, I have some pictures of my family and am planning to add some of my friends—a reminder that I have truly amazing people in my life, and that I should always make time to appreciate them and help them grow.

In the middle, I have two important pieces of guiding information: my word for the year, “intentional,” and my favorite poem “The Laughing Heart” by Charles Bukowski. These are words and ideas that are going to tether me as I work my way towards growth in each of these areas in my life.

It took me a while to put my board together and realize where everything fit, but there was something incredibly therapeutic about the process. I set my vision board on my dresser so I see it every morning when I wake up, and it’s exciting to have one more thing encouraging me in my goals every day.

If you decide to make a vision board (or have one already) send me a photo on Twitter or Instagram (@jeanettemorelan). I’d love to see it.

Happy creating!




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