Hey friends!

I’m still trying to remember the toes in my sand and not the snow on my boots from my past weekend in Los Angeles. I loved ringing in 22 with good weather, great friends, and a wine tasting (or two). Now that I’m back, I’m ready to join in on all the Christmas festivities!

Although December is a bit of an odd month when it comes to my eating habits (nobody wants to skip those holiday parties…) I wanted to share with you all what my typical day looks like, food-wise. I love trying new things but I feel like the food groups that I stick to are pretty consistent. I’m getting ready to bring some exciting new things to the blog in January, but for now, let’s look at those eats!

6:15 AM: I’m usually up pretty early (honestly, 90% of the reason I get out of bed is for breakfast!) I made gluten-free banana waffles and topped them with peanut butter and strawberries for a quick carb boost. I also had a few slices of turkey bacon and 2 egg whites + 1 whole egg. I always like to start my day properly fueled, so I don’t skimp on breakfast (ever!). I also like to rehydrate in the morning with lemon water and some hot tea. FullSizeRender-3.jpg

10:30 AM: I can’t go a day without coffee, and Starbucks has become a favorite of mine for their great dairy free options. I had an Almond Milk Misto (it’s not on the menu but it’s basically an au lait) and some string cheese! Quick & healthy.RenderedImage.jpg

1:15 PM: Lunch time! I’ve gotten into the habit of having late lunch, and I reused the last of the waffles for a pretty stellar sandwich, in my opinion! Hummus, spinach, turkey, bacon, and mustard provide filling proteins without a ton of empty carbs. I also love Ezekiel bread for making sandwiches!fullsizerender

4:30 PM: I work out in the afternoons so I usually like to have something before or after my workout, depending on how the day has gone. I opted for vanilla coconut milk yogurt with half a sliced banana and a sprinkling of cinnamon. There are just a few simple carbs to provide workout energy, and some good protein to hold me through until dinner!fullsizerender-1

7:15 PM. I usually like to keep dinner pretty simple and protein-focused. I love getting creative with what’s in my fridge and freezer to keep things interesting. Tonight I made garlic ginger shrimp with broccolini and spiralized zucchini. There’s also a glass of wine because it’s more than okay to  #treatyoself every once in awhile.fullsizerender-2

If I could summarize my current thought process about food, it would be something like this…

  • breakfast is important
  • you can totally enjoy normal food without dairy or gluten (also, elimination is about doing what feels right for your body, not trying to look a certain way)
  • taper carbs throughout the day (your last significant portion of carbs should be around your workout)
  • LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Eat until you’re satisfied. Don’t deprive yourself. There’s a difference between commitment and tying your self-worth to what’s on your plate. In the words of Marie Kondo, let everything you do spark joy.

Super excited to bring you all some new content in the coming year, but wishing you warm and happy holidays until then!




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