Hey friends,

It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s winter in Wisconsin! Even though I’ve been drinking warm drinks and piling on my coziest sweaters, it hasn’t quite hit that it’s winter yet…maybe it will take that first big snow due this upcoming weekend. Whether you’re cold-weather commiserating or sipping fruity drinks on a beach somewhere (jealous) here are a few things to check out from my little piece of the web.wsdf95msusi-toa-heftiba

One. I am very excited about plans. So excited that I spent three hours in a coffee shop yesterday doing some serious visioning for 2017. On that goal list: learning how to embrace when plans don’t go as planned and enjoying the interruptions of life. We’re going with the flow and attempting to look good while doing it.

Two. For those of us who are already planning on atoning for the Christmas goodies sure to come our way, I shared my favorite tools and tricks for hacking and tracking your fitness life. It’s not about the numbers—it IS about the progress.

Three. Went on Pinterest today and looked at Christmas cookie recipes…just to find out that Christmas cookies are BASICALLY regular cookies in a snowman or Santa form. Not super impressed, y’all. However, if you need me, I’ll be whipping up these beauties from my girl JTB.

joy the baker

Four. Do less. Pause more. Taking time to actually stop and think seems like such a luxury, but when we’ve got our noses pressed to the ground, it’s hard to look at the big picture. Instead of wasting time running down the wrong tracks, let’s take a second (or minute, month, or year) and be intentional about who we are and what we want out of this one precious life.

Five. Challenge for this week–every day when you decide to check your Facebook/Instagram/whatever, take a second to stop mindlessly scrolling and leave a genuine compliment on something that moves or inspires you. If we’re going to be addicted to our smartphones, we might as well be doing some good while we’re at it! Let’s be joy-makers and world shakers this week.

Sending you love and love and love!

Also, next Friday is my birthday, so get hype.




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