Hey y’all!

I just got back from a whirlwind week in Nashville—it’s crazy how much you can miss a place. I am thankful for the life chats with friends, abundant amounts of Jeni’s ice cream, and a chance to pass on the Miss Nashville legacy. Now it’s time to cozy down, enjoy the Christmas season, and start planning…

I was asked today by a reader (yay!) about my favorite fitness wearable, and since I know some of us are already set on atoning for all the holiday noshing, I figured I’d expand this post to talk about some tools I’ve found helpful in staying well and reaching my fitness goals.

Wearable Tech: I’ve not been shy about my love for my Fitbit. I did a fair amount of digging before purchasing my Fitbit Charge, and I couldn’t have been happier with it. Not only did it track steps, sleep, and active minutes, it also could receive and display phone calls and texts. As someone who was reluctant to wear a watch because I have such a small wrist, this tracker was much less obtrusive than an Apple Watch or even the larger Fitbit models and can withstand the occasional toss in the pool (yep, that happened). I’ve since upgraded to the Fitbit Alta, and while it’s sleek and still super functional, I do miss the stopwatch feature. Fitbit Customer Support is also FANTASTIC—they replaced a broken tracker when I tweeted about it, free of charge. Yay for great companies!


Food Tracking: I didn’t think that I could get onboard with the loyal following that MyFitnessPal has, but after downloading it and committing to record my food intake for just three days, I was hooked. I’m a huge numbers person so tracking macronutrients definitely helped me make smarter choices. However, EVERYBODY needs a little grace, so if the idea of measuring food down to the last budgeted calorie stresses you out, you can always go old school and log your food in a notebook, sans numbers.


Distance Training: Although my Fitbit tracks steps, training for my half marathon involved a lot more data–how fast was I running? Was I meeting my target pace? What was the ACTUAL distance I was running (and not an estimate based on steps)? MapMyRun answered these questions and more and became an essential part of my training. Not only does the app map your routes and voice coach you through mile-by-mile updates, it also includes fun challenges that you can do with your friends—nation-wide 10K, anyone?


Strength Training: I just finished Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut To Shred through Bodybuilding.com, and have found their Bodyspace app to be extremely helpful. As a novice in the weight room, their video demonstrations of over 1,000 exercises was easy to pull up in the gym without wandering around like a total newbie. They’ve got some other fantastic workout plans and a pretty dedicated community, so if you’re looking to get them #gainz, definitely check it out!

Sports Bra: Victoria’s Secret Sport • Shorts: Nike Pro

Whether you’re just starting a workout plan or looking to jump back on board, remember that your body is a masterpiece for just existing and that progress, not perfection, is the goal. Hopefully these tools can give you a little guidance on the way!

Now let’s get back to those Christmas cookies…



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