Thank God for the weekend.

This has been a week for the books. I’m still avoiding Facebook and hugging my pup extra tight these days to cope with this whirlwind week. I’m sure all of us are in various degrees of disarray, but we’re hanging in there. We gotta just keep scrapping along…

The low-down this week:

One. The election. It came, it went. It left us baffled in its path. The big question we’re all asking is: What Now?

Two. You really deserve treating yourself to a long and luxurious breakfast. These Sweet Potato Pancakes are full of promise. So are these Deep Dark Gingerbread Waffles.

smitten kitchen

Three. Today we honor those who have served our country. I’m fortunate enough to call one my dad. Here’s a snapshot of his life that I did a few months back.

Four. I’m ISO of a new Netflix binge. If you’ve watched everything, send me your recommendations, and then read this: 30 Little Ways To Take Care of Yourself {That Don’t Involve Watching Netflix}.

Five. And some words from my favorite blue-collar poet, Charles Bukowski, to send us off…gbvqluw

love and extra hugs to you and yours.



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