It’s Friday! It’s Halloweekend! It’s the last few days of October! This means Pumpkin Spice Lattes, haunted mazes, and the right to take as many fall selfies as your heart desires. No judgement here.DSC04146.JPGHere are a few things from my world as we savor these gorgeous days of fall…

One. Even though I’ll most likely be indulging in Pumpkin Spice Waffles this weekend, these tips and tricks to upgrade your humble oatmeal is definitely worth looking at. Hint: healthy doesn’t mean boring.

Two. I barely survived a haunted forest in broad daylight with my brother, so I’m contenting myself with laughing at these: 45 Best Pictures of Scared Bros At A Haunted House.

Three. It’s time to stop wasting time in the gym, cause we’re busy people and all that. This week’s What I’ve Learned Wednesday focuses on making the most of your workout.

Four. Great piece from the New York Times about growing up poor in America. Regardless of who takes the White House in November, this conversation needs to be happening, and it needs to be happening now.

“Liberals too often are reluctant to acknowledge that struggling, despairing people sometimes compound their misfortune by self-medicating or engaging in irresponsible, self-destructive behavior. And conservatives too often want to stop the conversation there, without acknowledging our society’s irresponsible, self-destructive refusal to help children who are otherwise programmed for failure.”

Five. Amazing reminder from my girl Brené for any and all of us dealing with the bumps and bruises of life. Reclaim your story!Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 10.48.16 AM.pngHave an amazing weekend, y’all!



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