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It’s Wednesday and I am two weeks into a new strength-training program I’m doing! I only reluctantly went to the weight-room when I was training for my half marathon, but now that colder weather’s upon us, I decided to revisit the barbells and dumbbells and kettlebells…I have to be honest. Strength-training has never been my thing (especially when I’ve gotten the chance to box or take a beautiful run outside) but I’ve been convinced by health experts that it’s important, especially for us women.

Let’s go back to why I hate the gym. To me, it has always seemed like a huge time killer. Like I’ll go to the gym, bounce around between machines, taking selfies and checking Instagram between sets…come on. You feel me. Anyways, at the end of an hour I feel like I’ve accomplished next-to-nothing, and hardly elevated my heart rate.

My new training program + tips from my workout friends have ended this lack of purpose in the weight room. If lifting anything heavy makes you want to yawn, stay tuned for these tips to torch your next workout.gymer-1126999_1280

1. Ditch your phone. No, seriously. For me, if it’s there, it’s a temptation. Use an MP3 player if you need music, and good old pen and paper for your workouts. If you absolutely NEED to have your phone with you, turn it on airplane mode. Less distractions = more focus=better workout.

2. Go in with a game plan. Don’t be like me and drift from machine to machine, hoping you’ll find a way to get those abs you’ve always wanted. Find a great workout plan with either a trainer or from an online source. Stuck on how to do an exercise? Ask someone at the gym or check out Bodybuilding’s Exercise Database for videos of just about any move you can think of.StockSnap_3H89EH3WIJ.jpg

3. Set a date (with yourself). Once you have your goal, set a realistic time for how long your workout is going to take (factor in time for things like changing and stretching). Plan on doing something after, whether it’s another task or plans with friends. This way, you’ll be motivated to make the most of your time instead of having it eat up your morning/evening.

4. Re-purpose your rests. Have to credit this tip to Dr. Jim Stoppani (whose workout plan I’m doing right now). Instead of resting, do 1 minute of cardio activity that utilizes another part of your body, like alternating your bench presses with mountain climbers. This is great for two reasons: it gives you no time to distract yourself betweens sets, and you’re adding an extra 30-45 minutes of cardio to your workout. Genius!stocksnap_mrtpjw5i7uAlthough I am by NO means a gym expert, if you ever struggle with gym-crastination, hopefully these tips will help you crush your next workout.

Here’s to strong, happy, healthy bodies!



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