Happy Friday, folks!

The air is crisp, the coffee is made, and we’re still in our pajamas. Fall weekends are the best, aren’t they?img_1771Here are five things to distract, inspire, and entertain you heading into this weekend.

One. These herb-roasted fall vegetables are a guaranteed staple this season. I had them with baked chicken for dinner, massaged kale for lunch, and a fried egg for breakfast! So versatile, so good.

Two. I just started knitting again, and I’m literally blown away by these INCREDIBLY COZY ARM-KNIT BLANKETS! Seriously, I think I may have just found a new hobby…if anybody can pony up the $150 worth of yarn.


Three. I’ll be sipping on this warm cocktail from now until March. Seriously. Bourbon Spiked Hot Apple Cider.


Four. This week’s What I’ve Learned Wednesday centered in on a topic nobody really wants to talk about: The Presidential Election, and what happens the day after. Our responsibility as citizens of a democracy extends far beyond one vote every four years, and I hope you’ll read, share, and respond to my post!

Five. To send us off, a little daily affirmation from Rupi Kaur, whose words have been speaking some serious truth to my heart lately:673a8b4a8fb0a2354f602fe6922c09eeAlright friends—that’s it from me. Have a safe, wonderful, and fall-filled weekend!








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