Hey folks!

I am back from the most dreamful retreat! After spending a few days with my dad in Pennsylvania, I reunited with some of my best friends in the magical city of Boston. It’s safe to say that I’ve developed a love affair with the East Coast, and I can’t wait to go back.

I ate and ate and ate on my vacation, so I’m really happy to be back in the kitchen and whipping up some healthful recipes. And since fall is in full swing, I wanted to introduce you to a staple recipe that you’ll be making over and over again this season. These simple vegetables are some of my favorites, and this recipe can be served as a side, added to a warm salad, or even just enjoyed as a snack.Processed with Snapseed.Let’s talk about why squash is so fantastic! It’s a good source of carbohydrates and is a lot more “filling” than other vegetables (you can only eat so much kale, right?). Plus, the natural sweetness of squash goes extremely well with a few choice herbs, without the need for any heavy sauces. Simple and delicious! I went with butternut, acorn, and delicata, and threw in a few sweet potatoes to round everything out. There are dozens of squash varieties lurking at your local farmers market, so get out and get exploring!Processed with Snapseed.Slicing and dicing your squash is the most time-consuming part of this recipe, but it’s definitely worth it. Most squash skins are fine in little pieces, but make sure you get down to the orange for the butternut—that’s where all the good stuff is! After chopping into bite-sized pieces, it’s time to season.Processed with Snapseed.Olive Oil. Rosemary. Thyme. Sage. Salt. Pepper. That’s it! A few quick tosses and turns to coat and we’re into the oven.Processed with Snapseed.Now all that’s left is the eating. I had mine for dinner tonight with roast chicken; tomorrow I’ll probably use the leftovers on a bed of spinach to add a little more heartiness. Squash is one of autumn’s best kept secrets, and I’m looking forward to savoring the harvest—literally.Processed with Snapseed.

Be well and happy cooking!



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