Hey friends!

There is SO much going on this Sunday so I’m gonna keep this post short (mainly, so we can get back to Miss America). But as of late, I’ve become obsessed with smoothie bowls on Instagram and Pinterest. So what’s a smoothie bowl? Basically, it’s your favorite smoothie recipe, topped with delicious (and pretty) toppings. The result? A visually-appealing breakfast or snack!img_1249First, the smoothie breakdown. I kept this one fruit based because I was having it as a snack, so I went with strawberries, blackberries, pineapple, and a frozen banana. For an extra health boost, I added chia seeds and cashew milk!img_1245Next, it’s time to create your smoothie bowl. Pour the smoothie, and round up your favorite toppings—I went with some more fruit and shredded coconut. Then, it’s up to your heart’s creative content! It’s like cookie decorating, except a LOT healthier.img_1247So what’s it like eating a smoothie out of a bowl? I actually really appreciated sitting down and enjoying this smoothie, as opposed to gulping it out of a cup in my usual morning rush. There’s something about taking the time to make things beautiful that really helps you enjoy it more!img_1250So what’s the smoothie bowl score in my 3 categories?

Healthy: Absolutely. Fruits, seeds, and nuts are all that went into this. You could even add some greens or avocado to give it an extra nutrient boost!

Good: The extra toppings on the smoothie bowl were a real treat. And there’s something about food being visually appealing that makes it taste even better (maybe that’s just me…)

Do-able: The extra minute it took to pour this from blender to bowl and top with these fresh fixings was totally worth it. Go ahead, treat yourself!

Here’s to a great rest of the day!



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