Hey y’all!

I’m here to tell you about a time (specifically last Friday) when I decided to do a juice cleanse in an attempt to apologize to my body for the inordinate amount of cupcakes I consumed the evening prior. You see, we had a party…for a county political party. A party’s party, so to speak. Obviously, I had to bring something to share, so I settled on Funfetti cupcakes, of which I promised myself to have only one. One thing turned into another, and by the end of the night I had consumed at least half a dozen cupcakes and a LOT of cheese. When in Wisconsin, right?

Anyways, I haven’t been as loyal to my healthy eating as I’ve wanted to, so I tried to double-down by going on a one-day juice cleanse. You might recall that my friend Danielle and I attempted a juice cleanse a while back, and barely made it through three days. I figured a one-day cleanse with store-bought juices would be a little easier, and set off to the nearest grocery store to find the healthiest juices out there.

A few label inspections later and these are the three I narrowed it down to. My goal was to drink these juices and a LOT of water and call it a day.

I started with the juice highest in sugar to recover after my 4 mile run that morning, Bolthouse Farms Daily Greens. The first ingredient was apple juice, bringing it up to 16g of sugar, but compared to some other brands (like Naked) it still came in pretty clean. Overall taste was pretty good, although I could very specifically taste the green pepper juice (who knew?) in the blend, although it was a minor ingredient. It had some banana as well, which was good for keeping me filled after my run.I started to get hungry again right around noon, which was perfect for my second juice: Mamma Chia Soulful Greens. I have to admit, I was VERY weirded out by this juice. First of all, it had a BUNCH of things I had only heard of in wellness blogs—spirulina, barley grass, wheatgrass, etc. Secondly, it was lemon and cayenne flavor, which had me questioning a lot. Thirdly, it was chock-full of chia. Like, straight-up chia seeds floating and making everything super-thick. I was really afraid of how this would go down, but it ended up being really good! It’s kind of like drinking a smoothie with strawberry-or-whatever seeds in it. At 14g of sugar and a ton of omega-3’s and nutrients, I could definitely see myself drinking this again.
Then we got to about 2:30 PM…the headaches started to set in. Headaches that no amount of water or coaxing could cure. I realized that both overdoing it on cupcakes AND juice left me feeling awful. So, I ditched the juice cleanse, got Chinese (not the best choice) and called it a day, saving my third and final juice for the weekend.

The final juice, you ask? None other than Temple Turmeric’s Mineral Greens. With just 9 grams of sugar and a whole host of organic, anti-inflammatory, and adaptogenic ingredients, this juice looked super-wholesome and a little intimidating. The turmeric definitely gave this juice an interesting flavor, but it definitely helped to clear my mind and give me the little boost of energy I needed mid-day.The verdict? If you’re not into making your own juices, there are a few options out there that are hitting shelves in stores around the nation. Although they may come with a hefty price tag (Juice #3 was a neat $6), they’re definitely a better choice than other snacks out there. But choose wisely—some so called “healthy” juices can actually be packed full of sugars. Pick one that is vegetable-based with just a hint of sweetness from fruit. Also, although fasting or juice-cleansing works for a lot of people, listen to your body. Deprivation in excess is just as bad as eating half a dozen cupcakes. ;)

Here’s to a happy healthy week!




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