Good morning, everyone!

Maybe I’m weird, but I love rainy mornings in the summer. It’s such a nice break from all the heat, and an excuse to curl up into bed for just a few minutes longer, to take a little extra time making breakfast, to really come to a pause. I wish mornings like these went on forever. But we’ve got the weekend and exciting things at hand! Let’s Yesterday I visited Belmont as a Belmont grad, and it was pretty much the greatest thing ever.13939530_10210038697994162_666933596290567341_nTwo. This week’s What I’ve Learned Wednesday is all about time management. It’s a five minute explanation of what I honestly think I could teach a college course on, so give it a read!

Three. Lots of good things to read here from the NYTimes has I prepare for my half marathon—I’m running a 5K tomorrow and couldn’t be more excited! This kind of pales in comparison to the Olympics in Rio…but we’re sticking with it. Small victories!

Four. Also related to the Olympics, this very important Buzzfeed quiz. (1000 calorie midnight snacks? A girl can dream…)

Five. I’m finally getting around to reading How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Favorite quote of the book so far is by Ralph Waldo Emerson—”Every one I meet is in some way my superior, and in that way I learn from them.” Today, focus on each of your interactions as a way to sincerely explore the world from someone else’s point of view.

Coffee’s on. Let’s do this.



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