Happy Friday, y’all!

To be honest, this has been the kind of week where I definitely forgot it was Friday. It’s been one of those I’m-stuck-in-Wednesday-forever kind of deals. Even if this weekend is already proving to be busy, sometimes it’s good to take a second and give ourselves a pat on the back for just making it. Small victories, y’all.

Here’s what’s been up in my world this week.

One. It’s been incredibly interesting to follow the elections South Africa over this past week. I’m missing my time there more than ever, and I’m interested to see how the next generation of South Africans are going to take the legacy Nelson Mandela has left and continue the work for kids like these (who I miss more than words can say!).11137181_10206892035209559_731792470864600144_nTwo. This week’s What I’ve Learned Wednesday focused on one of my obsessions: morning routines. I shared my own secrets to a successful morning, and heard from a few of you that yes, there’s just something about getting your morning sweat on.

Three. Mr. President turned 55 this week. I’m gonna miss him, especially his tendency to crack jokes while on the job. No matter how successful (or busy) you might seem, taking life a little less seriously might not be a bad thing.funny,kid,obama,photography,politics-fbd8bf97952a2ea3863814fb7f1ac147_hFour. Looking for a little inspiration to kick off your day? Shine will send you daily texts with tips on being your best self, in addition to some stellar GIFs.

Five. I’m diving into A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway for the next book on my summer reading list, and as I was doing a little author research, came across these wise words from the man himself…

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.
With that, let’s go out and have a great (albeit busy) weekend!

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