Sometimes I like to think I know a thing or two about clothes.


No, I’m not one of those girls with those drool-worthy daily #OOTD posts, nor am I flipping through pages of the latest fashion-magazines at any given minute (I’m probably looking at pictures of food, to be honest). However, I like to think that I’m able to put myself together, when the time calls for it. Between my super-rad new job and my appearances Miss Nashville, I’ve found that there are a few key pieces in my closet that have seemed to withstand the test of time.

Whether you’re trying to do a total closet makeover or are just looking to add a few key items to your wardrobe, here are my go-to pieces for an effortlessly classy look.

A kick-butt blazer. Whether you’re walking in for a class presentation or wanting to make a great first impression, a blazer is one of the most versatile ways to add structure to your outfit. Pick one that’s tailored to your body type—this is an investment piece, for sure. As for color, you can’t go wrong with a good black or navy, but I’ve got a red one that adds the perfect pop of color to any outfit. Perfect paired with a dress or even a good pair of jeans.

Photo: Pinterest

Your wear-anywhere heels. I’m a sucker for unique shoes—but I always have a few fall-backs. A comfortable, well-designed pair of heels will be your best friend for a night on the town or a dinner party. I’m a big fan of these ones from Steve Madden!

Photo: Pinterest

A conquer-the-world purse. You’re going to carry your entire world in it, so it might as well be a good one! My mom got me this Michael Kors tote for my 20th birthday and I haven’t gone a day without it. Again, this is something you’ll use a lot, so it’s worth investing in.

Photo: Michael Kors

The LBD. Yes, every woman needs her little black dress, but have fun with it! Lace sleeves, unique cuts, and sparkly accents make this classic uniquely you. You want to feel like a rockstar every time you put this one on! I love this little velvet number I got from T.J. Maxx.


Dark-wash jeans. Comfortable enough to wear for a day out shopping, but easy enough to transition to a more polished evening look. Again, fit is everything, so go for a brand that fits your body type. Skinny jeans look great tucked into boots, but I also love a good boot-cut rolled up and paired with heels.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

A plain white tee. Unrelated to the fact that the Plain White T’s were one of my favorite bands in middle school, this is another closet staple. Pair it with jeans for a relaxed day look, and add a blazer and heels to take it to nighttime fab. This is definitely something that you could steal from a boyfriend’s (or brother’s!) closet.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

A cozy cardigan. While this is a definite must-have in the winter, a good cardigan will make an appearance any time of the year. Throw it on after a workout and head out to your next activity or use it to add an extra layer on a chilly evening.

Photo: Pinterest

A statement necklace. Maybe you’re not a jewelry aficionado, or maybe you can’t stop yourself any time you see a new sparkly trinket. In either case, make sure your collection contains at least one necklace that you can use to dress up a normal outfit or take an evening look to the next level. My BFF Sarah got me this adorable necklace from J. Crew for my birthday last year and I. Am. Obsessed.

Photo: J. Crew
Photo: J. Crew

A season-neutral scarf. Adding some flair to your outfit couldn’t be easier. A lighter scarf like pashmina can be used any time of year—even doubling as a bikini wrap in the summer!

Photo: Pinterest

A piece with a story. While chasing style trends can be fun, the best thing you can have in your closet is a piece with a story. Maybe it’s a favorite dress you stole from your sister’s closet, or a quirky skirt you’ve had since 7th grade and can’t seem to let go of. For me, a $3 flannel I got at a thrift store is among one of the most precious things I own. 11040880_10206916952348724_5847933134448289768_n

So, there’s the long and short of my closet essentials! Any items I’m missing on here that you swear by? Let me know in the comments. And remember, you’re never fully dressed without a smile…and some killer lipstick.





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