Hey y’all!

Happy Friday! I’m so happy that the weekend’s here, mainly because it’s going to be filled with unexpected adventures (I’m headed to a Brewers game and seeing COLDPLAY TOMORROW!) We’re in the dog days of summer and life is good. Here’s what we’re up to this week!

One. I’ve been a little cryptic about what’s going on in my life lately, but good news! I have a job for the foreseeable future, and it involves southwestern Wisconsin, the state assembly, and maybe a little bit of campaign managing. Super excited about this new adventure!Two. Fear and miscommunication are dangerous things, as we saw with yet another shooting this week. My hope is that we’ll be able to dig deep and draw on the higher qualities we have as human beings, ones of mutual understanding and respect, and make real change moving forward. I’m still figuring out what that looks like for me as an average citizen, but educating yourself is never a bad thing. Neither is showing a little extra grace when the occasion arises.

Three. Today I did a big, brave thing and signed up for the Chicago Half Marathon! This will be a big jump for me, but I’m about a quarter way through my 12 week training plan and feeling pretty good. Plus, that medal is HUGE.

Four. If you didn’t catch it this week, I’ve introduced a new segment on my blog called What I Learned Wednesday, where I’ll be sharing helpful life advice and other tips and tricks. This week’s segment was focused on my summer reading list, and I’m always open to recommendations for good reads!

Five. And finally, a quote from the Queen to help kick off your weekend.d933ff00527ea515e0cb93a2895e2517.jpg

Alright y’all. Have a stellar weekend!




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