Happy July y’all!

It’s good to be back in the blogging world. There’s just something about getting to sit down at my laptop for a few minutes in the morning and sharing a little bit of my world that really puts my day off to a great start. And hopefully if you’re reading this, you’ll find something that helps you have a better day, too!photo-1460400408855-36abd76648b9.jpeg

My thoughts for this week…

One. Now that I’ve found a little more free time, I’ve decided to get back into one of my favorite things: reading! My goal is to read at least one book a week, and this week’s read was Brave New World by Adolus Huxley. Definitely an interesting read about a future dystopian society, but I definitely think the world he portrayed was a lot more social than what it will probably be. I mean, who needs social interaction when you have your iPhone and Netflix? (That’s a scary thought.)

Two. Brexit kind of came out of nowhere for me (I don’t keep up on British news as much as I should) but it’s been fascinating to follow what this potentially means for the EU and the rest of the world. Here’s a great outline of the vote from the BBC if you need to catch up to speed.

Three. Finally getting to satisfy my cookie cravings post pageant = the ultimate win. This recipe for Cupboard Cookies is full of chocolate goodness, but also has some serious health-power to keep you full. They make a great post-workout snack :)img_0581-1Four. I’m beginning to explore the practice of meditation more—right now, I’m finding it best in my morning runs. I love this article from Well + Good about what meditation is and isn’t. Basically, just breathe more.

Five. I shared this quote on Facebook yesterday, but it’s still fresh in my mind, especially with the reflections I shared this week on Miss Tennessee:

“Throw yourself full throttle in the direction of what consumes your thoughts and ambitions.”—Samantha Wills

And with that, enjoy your weekend!




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