Hey y’all!

It’s raining in Nashville, which means that it’s tea time. Disclaimer: this is not my tea. My too-hot tea is currently being sipped too-fast from a stray mug I found at work in Marathon Village. But pretty images are calming, so here we are!Tea-Time

Rainy days are a good reminder to sloooooowwwwwww down. What are we in a rush for? Why must we fill every hour of our day with tasks and to-do lists? What would happen if we paused for a second to just let life happen? All questions I’m pondering as I nurse my burnt tongue.

If you’re anything like me and haven’t found very many moments of stillness this week, I hope you’ll take a second (go ahead, this can wait) and breathe. Treasure this moment. Do I sound like a yoga instructor yet? I’ve been listening to a few podcasts. Anyway, now that we’ve settled ourselves, here’s what’s going on with the world. 

One. What happens when you promise mass deportations as a Presidential candidate? Bad things, that’s what. Let’s not repeat history, shall we?

Two. I interviewed my BFF and partner in crime this week on Power of One Wednesday. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my interview with Scott here!12717514_716601165144003_8392231829719820483_n

Three. In a world where technology dominates our attention and makes us more frazzled than ever, turn it on its head and use it to create good mind space. Well + Good has a list of fantastic meditation apps that I can’t wait to try and love!

FourA thought that has stuck with me from a podcast I listened to on my run yesterday: “you are equal to every moment if you believe it to be so.” In other words, quit entering every arena like the underdog. You were born to rise to the occasion.

Five. My last #CMNChallenge before Miss Tennessee could use a little love…consider making a $10 donation and helping me reach my goal before May 31st! If you want to learn more about why I support CMN, you’ll definitely want to check out this post.

Okay friends. One more deep breath. One more calm sip of tea (or coffee, matcha, wine, whatever suits your fancy). Let’s rest in these precious moments before the weekend. Wishing you strength and power!




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