Hey y’all!

Happy Friday! Honestly, I was a little doubtful I would make it this far, but here we are. This week has been a mix of adjusting to post-grad life, new living situations, and new jobs! So much newness. Thankfully, I always have some old standbys (I consider these posts one of them) to keep things familiar. Let’s get to it!

One. This week I had the honor of being interviewed by Milk & Honey Magazine about my journey so far as Miss Nashville and how my faith has kept me tethered. Check it out if you’ve got a chance!

Two. Another exciting thing that happened this week: I got to play with three golden retriever puppies for a promo video for Nashville Greenways! Also cool: the guys who are making it also are the creators of the viral video Welcome To Nashville. Pretty neat if you ask me!Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.09.34 AMThree. Really all I want to do in life is go grocery shopping with Joy The Baker. She seems ultra-cool and all these treats look amaze!

Four. Can we take a second and think about how this was a week ago? Okay. Second taken.13220984_10103289694118795_7525958003134410470_n

Five. For my very last #CMNChallenge before I head to Miss Tennessee, I will “crown” your favorite people or places in Nashville for a $10 donation to CMN! Make someone feel extra-special and help me to reach my goal before heading off to Jackson in June. Learn more about donating here.

Alright folks, that’s all for me! I’m currently feeling like another cup of coffee is the move (and in under a month, a doughnut, too.) Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!




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