True story: I didn’t know if I’d have a kitchen to post from this week.Yeah, it happened. I graduated. I really haven’t begun to process that fact yet. This weekend was an absolute blur of happy-sadness and new and old faces (seriously, seeing someone you haven’t seen since freshman year in a cap and gown is weirrrrdddd.) I’m going to probably be coming to terms with what it means to be a college graduate over the next few weeks, so bear with me.

In other news, I moved! Thanks to generous friends who decided to adopt a 21 year old with strange eating habits, I am now in beautiful hilly country with a 5 mile river trail and children in abundance. I reckoned that God knew what he was doing when he decided to provided for me in this way, and I’m definitely thinking He wants me to rest. Good news all around!

In other words, I started my bedtime reading book. The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington. That’s not ironic at all, right?

Okay, less about me and more about food. There’s nothing here that you probably have not seen on the blog before, but I’ll offer a few prep tips that I probably haven’t touched on.

  • Those veggies you see were on sale for $2.49 and already cut up and everything! Usually I’m fine cutting my own, but occasionally stores will mark down produce that needs to be used up. This saved me time and money. Win!
  • Like I mentioned last week, I really don’t like to prepare my fish more than a day in advance. It just tastes fresher that way. I like to make my salmon by pan-frying it in olive oil with a little Montreal Chicken seasoning. I break it up into pieces while it’s cooking so it gets done faster! This is a super-easy dinner on top of some greens.
  • Fact: brown rice and sweet potato are wonderful carbs for you. Eat up! Life is good. Carbs are good.

Sorry-not-sorry that this has been a life-post more than a food-post. I’ll be back with more culinary creations soon!




One thought on “Meal Prep Monday!

  1. Congrats on commencement. I like that word as it pictures in my mind that we move on in life! I saw some pics on FB. Bonnie wishes you blessings. Say hi to your pop. Pray for us as we start a new journey here in Arkansas with Celebrate Recovery.

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