Hello, Friday.


We’ve found ourselves at the end of another week. Currently, I’m sipping on coffee, trying to clean my glasses, and accepting that I’m in total denial that I am turning the last pages of a significant chapter in my life. Why does everything seem to rush together just when you need a second to slow down and ask yourself what the heck is happening?

I really don’t know. My sleep-addled brain is just going to continue to sip coffee and embrace today for what it is. My thoughts are flitting around like hummingbirds in a feeder, but here are five that were patient enough to land for a second. Honestly not sure if that analogy made sense, but we’re rolling with it.

One. I can’t stop reading about morning routines. I find them so fascinating! Well + Good has a lovely roundup of AM schedules from incredible women from a variety of different fields. We’re creatures of habit, and ritual defines us.

Two. I may have sustained a small leg injury, so I decided to opt for a different workout yesterday. Shakti Power Yoga was a great move. Their hot yoga class was both sweaty and restorative, and yes, those two things can coexist. Plus, it’s in this amazing little house-turned-studio on Music Row. You know good vibes dwell there.

Shakti Power Yoga

Three. We’re all obsessed with Beyoncé’s new album and finding out who Becky with the good hair is, but here’s who we really should be paying attention to: Warsan Shire, The Woman Who Gave Poetry To Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

Four. This week’s Power of One Wednesday is a great read if you’re interested in education and empowerment—I spoke with Dan Lee, teacher of Metro Nashville Public Schools. Very inspired by his faith and approach to teaching. Give it a read!

Five. Because I needed to hear this today and maybe you do too…07fb9324eac3cb47d58bb5f62b3e970cYes yes yes yes yes. Good and lovely and happy vibes only. Sending you wishes for a wonderful, relaxing, and spring-filled weekend!



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