Happy Monday, y’all!

Can we talk about this spring weather for a sec? Nashville is absolutely GORGEOUS right now. Even though the last weeks of the semester are demanding all of my time, I’m promising myself that I’ll at least take some time this week to go on a long, leisurely walk, sans phone or a watch. It’s soul food, people. Let’s get on it!

Yesterday’s meal prep was extra-therapeutic, and I was really happy with the results! Here’s what’s cooking for this week…

Iced Coffee. Because yes. It’s so nice to have this in the fridge and make it just the way I want without paying $6 for it somewhere.

Tricolor Quinoa. As I mentioned before, this quinoa from Trader Joe’s is everything! It’s light and fluffy and delicious with just about anything you could imagine. It takes all of ten minutes to make on the stove, too!

Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry with Rice. This is the basis of my lunch for most of the week! It’s a combination of chicken thighs, broccoli, asparagus, red pepper, cabbage, and onions in some teriyaki sauce with a little ginger and garlic. Served alongside brown rice for a super-delicious lunch! I’m all about using chicken thighs since they’re so cheap (I got five for $2!!) and I am eating a lot of protein these days. I kind of felt like an axe murderer de-boning and skinning them, but to each their own.

Sweet Potato Stacks. Inspired by this recipe…basically, I sliced up some sweet potatoes, drizzled them in olive oil, added some salt & pepper, paprika, and cinnamon, and stacked them in a muffin tin. I’m pretty sure that by Miss Tennessee I will have tried every way to eat sweet potatoes, ever.

Orange Chicken Meatballs. I went off of this recipe for these guys! Meatballs are a really good way to get your mid-day protein, and I kept along with the Asian-inspired food I had going on this week. I didn’t put any breadcrumbs in them so they didn’t hold together as well as they probably would, so keep that in mind if you’re omitting it.

I’ve got a good feeling about this week! May your days be flower and sunshine-filled and your food delicious!




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