Good morning and happy Monday!

Despite the weather being a little-less-than-ideal yesterday, March 20th heralded the first day of spring! And there’s no better way to celebrate the beauty of a new season than with the 21st-century’s hottest gustatory obsession: brunch. Here’s everything you need to know about hosting one of these festivities if you’re a up-and-coming 20-something who wants to be fancy for a day.

One: Find a killer co-host. In this case, someone who’s put up with my antics for the past three years as my room-mate, and has a shared passion for all things bright and brunchy: the one, the only, Sarah Ellis. Also, we take great photos together. It’s just a fact.Two: Create a menu. Sarah and I prepared some delicious offerings and invited our friends to bring something to share. A few things on the menu: perfectly fluffy pancakes, turkey bacon, paleo chocolate chip banana espresso muffins, plenty of fresh fruit, and something we’ll just refer to as “Garrett’s killer hashbrown casserole.”Three: Find some friends. This is actually not hard to do, because college students are people and people love food. People also love other people. It’s a marvelous thing.Four: Make it cute! We found some lovely spring accents from Michael’s, including the floral garland we used for a photo backdrop and these cards that doubled as labels for our feast. Five: Go all in for the perfect brunch pic. Maybe that means standing on chairs and looking like total fools. It will definitely be worth it, though…img_8452Yep. Definitely worth it.Six: Enjoy a lazy morning with the people you love. Okay, maybe the smoke alarm did go off a few times, and maybe I was running between trying to apply mascara and flip bacon, but I’ve got to tell you, there’s nothing like opening up your home to the people you love and sharing some good food and laughs.Although I’m looking forward to the days that I’ll be able to host an actual proper brunch, I wouldn’t trade these friends or these moments for anything. Thank you all for making my life so beautifully vibrant.

Here’s to spring and all the wonder it holds!



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