Hello world, and HAPPY FRIDAY!

This is a really exciting day for me. Why? It’s because I A. survived this week, B. am headed to Miss Tennessee workshop, and C. made it to SPRING BREAK! I cannot wait to get in some much-needed R&R this next week. If you get a spring break, I hope you’ll do the same. If you don’t, treat yourself to a nap or a nice long walk today. You’re gonna need it.

Here’s what’s going on in my world this week!

One. I did a thing and put my political opinions out there. A Short Commentary on Politics in America. Read it, don’t read it, whatever suits your fancy.

Two. This week was Read Across America week, and I had the privilege of reading to classrooms all around Nashville. It was such a neat experience to be able to share the joy of a book with so many sweet children and to have the opportunity to thank Nashville educators for all that they’re doing to make a difference!

Three. Quote from Dr. Turner’s interview from this week’s Power of One Wednesday that is still resonating with me: “God will use ordinary people to do extraordinary things.” How are you positioning yourself to be used by God to do great things today?

Four. When I dream, it’s of the hundred layer doughnuts at Five Daughters Bakery. Can we just…?

Five Daughters Bakery
Five Daughters Bakery

Five. I’m going to be out an entire week from writing, posting, social media-ing, whatever. It’s making my juggle-six-balls-at-once-brain a little anxious. But listen: we’re all only human. Sometimes it’s okay to do absolutely nothing and not feel the slightest bit guilty about it. I hope you’ll take some of that time for yourself this upcoming week, whether you’re a frazzled college student, one of my friend’s moms, or just someone who took a break from work to take the time and read this. Read: you have permission to breathe. To be human.

In other news, the new season of House of Cards comes out today. What a better way to celebrate your humanity than a good Netflix binge?? With the way things are going in politics these days, I may end up casting my vote for Underwood after all.


And…we’re out of here! On to Jackson! Happy March y’all!




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