Happy Friday, y’all!

The sun is shining here in Nashville, and it’s beginning to look a lot like spring. We pushed our way through February with unhealthy doses of coffee and Netflix, and now, it’s time to trade them for sunshine and flowers. I’m partial to tulips for the month of March.photo-1456415333674-42b11b9f5b7b

Other things going on in my head this week…

One. This article in defense of breakfast is beautifully written and is going to make you want to get up fifteen minutes earlier to honor this ritual. Of course, you never have to convince me to have breakfast (it’s the only reason I get out of bed in the morning).

Two. I got to spend a few minutes with Nashville’s mayor Megan Barry in her office downtown. We briefly discussed issues related to education and youth empowerment, and she gave me some wonderful post-grad advice: “always walk through every door you’re presented with.” Love seeing more women in governmental leadership positions—who knows, maybe I’ll end up having her job someday! 12741959_10208609265979255_5048983136411370841_n

Three. A bit of good news in this crazy week—Nike’s co-founder Philip Knight is donating $400 million to recruit graduate students to Stanford committed to using their education to address the world’s most pressing social issues. Um, hi. I’m right here.

Healthy Recipe Ecstasy

Four. I hopped back on the salad train this week. This Salmon Quinoa Salad is supposed to be perfect for pregnant ladies, but I figure it does a world of good for pageant girls too: (hint: fresh berries on this salad are a must).

Five. Was looking back on a few things that I’ve written and I find this piece more relevant than ever: When Strivings Cease. Read if you’re overworked, overwhelmed, and unsure if you’re ever going to catch up. Let’s breathe a little.

Have a wonderful weekend. I love you all oh so much.



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