Good morning, everyone, and HAPPY SNOW DAY!

This is currently the view from my window, and I could not be more excited. Whether you’re 12 or 21, snow days are some of my favorites. There’s no better excuse to cuddle up with a good book or venture outside for some good old wintry fun! Normally, this would be a day as usual in Wisconsin, but I’ll appreciate an extra day off in the South.

Here’s what’s up for this weekend!

One. If you’re staying in today and looking for something delicious to make, may I recommend this? Or perhaps these, if you’re more in a cookie mood. Either way, today is a perfect day for warm and delicious-smelling things coming out of your oven.

Two. Another recommendation for today: channeling your inner kid. Whether it’s watching cartoons or coloring, there’s nothing like bringing back the good old days. I happen to have a coloring book I adore full of fun vintage botanical prints!12243450_10207935439094004_981172034671306830_n

Three. Here are some relaxing tunes to chill out your day with…literally.

Four. This isn’t winter-related, but this month is January, which means I’m inviting you to take part in this month’s #CMNChallenge! For every dollar donated from now until January 31st, I will do one push-up! I’m not going to tell you how much money I’ve raised already, but let’s say my arms are going to be very toned for Miss Tennessee. Donate to the cause here!

Five. And, one more reason you should enjoy the snow, if you don’t already…

Stay warm, stay safe, and have a stellar weekend!



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