Hey y’all!

Can you believe the new year is almost upon us? I’m ready to bid farewell to 2015 and welcome the new year with all of its promise.

If you know anything about me, you’ll know I’m just a little obsessed with planning. Maybe I’ve already laid out my schedule for next semester. Maybe the act of planning fills me with a geekish joy. If you’re anything like me (or nothing like me) and are committed to starting the new year on the right foot, here are a few tips and tricks that I swear by when it comes to being organized. 

A rocking planner. I’ll spend more money on a planner than a good pair of shoes. You’re going to be using this thing for the next 365 days, so invest! I buckled down and got the DayDesigner by Whitney English and am obsessed! It’s got a full page dedicated to each day where you can record all sorts of fun stuff—your schedule, most important to-do’s, and even a spot for your daily gratitude!IMG_7037
A spot to leave yourself notes about things you can’t forget. Maybe it’s your fridge, your mirror, or where you hang your keys: if you’ve got something that you NEED to remember, having one more place to remind your brain can’t hurt. Put it on a sticky note the night before and you’ll rest much easier.

A clean inbox. I’m one of those people who can’t stand to leave emails un-read. For that reason, I’m super picky about what ends up in my inbox. Unroll.me is a great way to clean up your inbox. Unsubscribe from things you’re not interested in and get ONE email with all those offers and newsletters instead of, like, twenty.

The Type-A’s dream book collection: This set from Michael’s had me like whoa. Literally, it’s entire books dedicated to meal planning, exercise, places you’ve been, and more! Some people would say that this is wayyyy overboard. Those people are wrong.


An app that makes to-do lists easy. If you prefer to keep your schedule virtually, Clear is hands-down my favorite to-do app. It’s simple, colorful, and has a delightful little chime when you swipe something from “to-do” to “done.”

A notebook to jot down your top three goals each day and take with you. Am I really asking you to write down your goals in one more place? Yes, yes I am. I’ve got a little notebook that hangs out in my purse with my top three goals and a mindset I’d like to practice. At the end of the day, I jot down one thing I learned or am thankful for. It’s been interesting to see how I’ve progressed over the last few months.

 A zen desk. My desk oscillates between extraordinarily messy and spotless. Whichever camp you fall in, make sure your desk is a place you’ll actually want to work. For me, that includes having a little greenery (you can get so many cute succulents these days!) and a cup of coffee.


A good morning (and evening!) ritual. I’ve become obsessed with reading how the most successful people start and end their days, and have developed one of my own! Having a set way to begin each day helps bring a little predictability to my otherwise very chaotic life.

A consistent exercise routine. All work and no fresh air makes Jack a dull (and unhealthy!) boy. Whether it’s walking around the block at work or rising bright and early for a yoga class, make time for some physical activity to give your brain a break and your body an energy boost. I’ll be keeping pretty busy between training for a half marathon and kickboxing at Title!

A healthy attitude. As much as I like to plan my day, my week, my, well, everything, life happens. Things won’t get done, I’ll end up being late, and maybe I’ll opt for sleeping in instead of working out. Being flexible and gentle with yourself is the key to staying sane for 2016—let’s embrace it, yes?

Wishing you all the best this new year!



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