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As you probably know, I had the amazing opportunity to shoot with the incredibly talented Evan Davies for my first official photos as Miss Nashville. Not only were we able to explore some of the most beautiful spots in the city and meet new people: we had a lot of fun along the way, too! Evan’s released our favorites on his page, but I thought it’d be fun to share a few of them here along with some of his thoughts behind the photos. Enjoy!

Evan Davies Photography
Evan Davies Photography

“As a photographer, natural lighting doesn’t get better than this. I like to focus on the eyes when I shoot, and sometimes that’s tricky to do with natural light. Fortunately, Pedestrian Bridge was perfect for what I was trying to capture.”

Evan Davies Photography
Evan Davies Photography

“We shot this one in an upstairs room in Marathon Village. Honestly, I think the light did more work than I did in this photo. But, post-process for this photo was one of the most fun and creative opportunities I’ve had. There are thousands of options and since I’m particularly picky with my work, it was pretty hard! In the end, I found that Jeanette’s eyes again had to be the center of attention and after finding the right edit, the picture just spoke for itself.”

Evan Davies Photography
Evan Davies Photography

“It doesn’t get better than this…seriously. Her dress patterns, the window framing, the bricks, and the ceiling. So many lines, but thats what is very interesting in this photos. They are all angled differently, but so pleasing to the eye.”

Evan Davies Photography
Evan Davies Photography

“In my personal opinion, black and white photography is one of the most difficult to master. It involves drawing attention on texture, patterns, lighting, and darkness. That being said, this photo of Jeanette is just gorgeous. the control of the whites really draws interest to the darks and her dress. (Not to mention the adorable candid pose!) Another small thing about this photo that I am proud of is keeping the small shadows from the pillars (this was shot at Bicentennial Park) visible on the white background.”

Isn’t he wonderful? I’m so happy that I was able to spend time with such a genuinely wonderful person who has such a developed talent for photography. Be on the lookout for future collaborations, and be sure to check out Evan’s Facebook page and website!

Enjoy your week!



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