Okay, mainly I am just excited because it is OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS SEASON! I can finally embrace my carol-singing, red-and-green obsessed, cookie baking self. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and gosh dang it, I’m excited!


One. Thanksgiving was awesome. Lots of food, great time with family, and of course, that lovely after-meal nap. But I’m still doing some thinking about the things I’d rather not be thankful for. That’s a definite work in progress I’ll be keeping in mind into the coming year.

Two. If you’re Black Friday shopping today…bless you. The most I’ll be outside is probably to grab some caffeine and fresh air. But seriously guys…is it worth it?

Three. I did do a thing today, and that thing was Cowboy Cookies. I made them a few weeks ago and loved them, but this time I took some pictures and I’ll be sharing them with you over the weekend, so stay tuned!


Four. One thing that is on my Christmas list this year (because, of course, my Type A personality is experiencing a certain amount of anxiety that my Lilly planner is nearing it’s final weeks) is a Day Designer. Talk about having the day-to-day on lock! Still trying to decide on a pattern…input appreciated.

Five. I’m running a 12K in a week (I say this with a cookie in my mouth) and am trying to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network! If I raise $100, I’ll run that whole dang thing in my pajamas and crown. Will you consider helping me? If each of my readers donated $1, I’d reach my goal today!

Enjoy your weekend and your turkey hangover,




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