This is basically me inviting you out to coffee.Coffee

I used to kind of have a thing against coffee dates. It’s probably because at the time, I didn’t really like coffee. Maybe it was the fact that it was the standard way to get to know someone here in Nashville. I don’t know. Regardless, I’ve become a coffee date convert. There’s nothing I love better than walking into a coffee shop, trying a new drink, and sitting down for a good long conversation with someone.

Time is abundant. Refills are necessary. It’s a marvelous thing.

I realized that I’ve visited most of the coffee shops within a 5 mile radius of Belmont. But, since I’ve got to have this whole Nashville thing going on, I figured I’d expand my search. In all honesty, I am supposed to be working on a paper, and in the process of deciding which coffee shop to visit I ended up writing this post.

I’m not sorry. I’m also totally down to get coffee with you…just sayin’.

Ugly Mugs. I don’t tend to venture into East Nashville often, but I did just start going to church there, so I may need to make my visits more frequent. This coffee shop features a bunch of local bakeries and I think the name’s adorable.

East Nashville
Photo: East Nashville

The Post East. I love the look of this coffee shop. Definitely think I could spend an afternoon working on something big and important here.

Photo: Rachel Paul Photography
Photo: Rachel Paul Photography

Garage Coffee Company. I’m actually surprised that I’ve never visited here before, considering how obsessed I am with Marathon Village. The decor looks fabulous, and they roast their own coffee, so it’s got to be good.

Garage Coffee Company
Photo: Garage Coffee Company

Flatrock Coffee. I’m intrigued by the list of drinks this shop offers…what exactly is The Sock Hop? What about The Hermitage? Either way, this place warrants a visit because it’s also got live music!

Photo: Flatrock Facebook
Photo: Flatrock Facebook

Thistle Stop Café. I’ve heard lots about the incredible work of Thistle Farms, but never had the chance to visit their café! Coffee for a cause…that’s something I can get behind.

Photo: Eric England
Photo: Eric England

The Good Cup. This one’s technically in Franklin, but I work there so I also count it as home. This looks like a great place to cozy up and stay awhile.

Photo: The Good Cup

Headquarters. Another East Nashville destination. I’m really digging the old-school vibe of this one. Plus, they have croissants, and in my opinion, caffeine + croissants = perfect day.

Photo: Tastemade
Photo: Tastemade

Okay, that’s my list so far. Feel free to comment any of your favorites that I may have missed!

Here’s to good friends, long conversations, and coffee. Always coffee.



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