Happy Monday, y’all!

I’ve got mixed feelings about this day of the week. On one hand, it means the weekend is over, and work’s about to begin. Kicking this 20 year old body into gear again requires copious amounts of coffee (it’s actually really hard to remember what my life was like before coffee…the younger days). On the other hand, it’s also a day for fresh possibilities. A day for spending some extra time on your hair, for actually crossing off everything on the to-do list, for taking some time to #treatyoself, whether that looks like delicious breakfast, a new pair of boots, or, in my case, a little blog makeover!
THE BLESSED LIFEJeanette Morelan

TBL got a some much needed lovin’ this weekend. For one thing, I now have my own domain! Even though you’ll now find me at jeanettemorelan.com, you’ll still find the same random musings and misadventures of my life. The Friday Five’s not going away, but I’m in the process of developing some new and exciting content that I can’t wait to share with you all.

Also, I had some fun with Canva and watercolors over the weekend…let’s just say that new logos are nice. Long hot bath kind of nice. Slowly working my way to becoming a real grown-up blogger instead of a 17 year old talking about her first day of classes…my, where did the time go.

Anyways, this post was mainly to say, hey! I’ve got some bright and shiny new stuff. Today is an anything-is-possible Monday, and I’m hoping to share some of those vibes with you too!

Peace & Blessings,



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