Hey folks!


Happy Friday! Sorry I was out of commission last week—I was on Fall Break and took some necessary albeit unexpected time to step back and reassess my life. I’m in a bit of a rut right now (that may be the understatement of the century), but I’ve got some good personal goals that I’m trying to work through and that’s leaving me excited about the future. But for now, I’m content to sit in Bongo Java and share with you five things from my side of the world.

One. It’s rare that a sermon series will hit me as powerfully as this one, but Cross Point Church’s Ghost Town is one of the most poignant and necessary examinations of my heart that I’ve encountered. If you’re feeling empty, lonely, unfulfilled, exhausted, devoid of hope…give this guy a listen. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Two. Did you know that this live feed from the New York Times gives you the most recent news and articles about the election? I refer to it often in case I’ve missed important things about the race. We’ve got another year until the actual election but it doesn’t hurt to start becoming an informed voter now!

Three. When Warby Parker comes out with a delicious new pair of fall frames and you feel the need to add it to your existing collection…still in love with my Vaughns in Eastern Bluebird Fade, though. They’re the real deal.

Instagram: Warby Parker
Instagram: Warby Parker

Four. “Hope is a waking dream.” —Aristotle

Five. Kind of feeling led to do something different this morning. If you’re of the Jesus loving type, would you mind offering up a prayer for discernment and peace for me in this season of my life? And of course, if you’ve got something on your heart you’d like some prayer over or maybe just a hug, feel free to comment or shoot me an email at jeanettemorelan {at} gmail.com. Let’s send a little love each other’s way this week.

Peace and blessings for your upcoming weekend,



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