Happy October, y’all!

I can’t deny it any longer—autumn is in full swing here in Nashville. As much as I love the changing leaves, the chilly weather was a little bit of an adjustment. I mean, you can’t blame me—I spent the entire summer in South Africa’s winter, which is quite comparable to Nashville’s fall. Except, you know, minus lions and sharks and stuff.

Anyways, this is a bright and early post because I’m headed to Union City today! So if you’re up and reading this, kudos! You’re a stellar human. Let’s hit it!

One. Speaking of hitting things, I had a major sweat sesh at Title Boxing last night…and let’s just say, homegirl is SORE. Considering a membership as a me-gift (it’s an AMAZING stress reliever!)

Two. Have not had a #PSL yet, but I’m kind of tempted to make my own. This paleo Pumpkin Spice Latte from Healthful Pursuit definitely caught my attention…


Three. Important cat fat of the day: a group of kittens is called a kindle. You’re welcome.

Four. There’s currently a bipartisan bill being discussed in the Senate to reform the prison system (this has needed to happen for years!) The bill would lessen sentences for nonviolent offenders and place a greater emphasis on education and preventing recidivism. This all happening in the wake of the execution of Kelly Gissendaner on Wednesday, despite her amazing transformation in dedicating her life to Christ and making peace with her family. Some interesting things to ponder as imperfect humans judging other imperfect humans.


Five. Speaking of imperfect, if you’re struggling with showing yourself some grace, let me offer you this little reminder. You’re so loved.

Have a great weekend, friends!



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