Tuesdays are for procrastinating.


Specifically, Tuesdays are for delaying the project due Thursday, the grad school applications, the workout I’ve got planned this afternoon, and all the rest of the to-do list.

Ironically, when I procrastinate, my favorite thing to do to feel at least somewhat productive is to make lists. Some stumbling around the Internet led from one thing to another…and we’ve found ourselves here: all the fun things I want to do this fall in my darling Music City.

Let’s adventure together!

Cheekwood Harvest—Sept. 19th-Oct. 1st


I’ve never had the chance to visit Cheekwood, and I can’t picture a better time than during the beautiful colors of fall. The gardens are supposed to be bursting with chrysanthemums in beautiful fall hues, pumpkins ripe for the picking, and scarecrows designed by people from all around Nashville.

Long Fall Drives

The rolling hills of Tennessee make the colors of fall that much more beautiful. Tennessee has dozens of gorgeous drives that would make for a perfect afternoon of adventure.

Horseback Riding


I can’t think of a better time to go horseback riding than the fall. Being out in nature with one of my favorite animals sounds like a dream come true. I’ve ridden horses at Juro Stables in Mt. Juliet during the summer, but it looks like I might be making another trip!

Tennessee Craft Fair

I’m a sucker for local artists, and hundreds of them flock to Centennial each year for the Tennessee Craft Fair. I can’t wait to visit, meet great people, and hopefully take home a classic Nashville masterpiece.

Gentry Farms

I’ve visited this farm every year since I’ve lived in Nashville, and it’s never failed me. Reminiscent of elementary school trips to go pumpkin picking, this adorable farm in Franklin has a corn maze, hay rides, a pumpkin and squash patch, and maybe even a tire swing…


Apple Festival

Fall is ALL about apples, and this year, the 12th South Farmer’s Market is hosting an Apple Festival! I am just as excited about trying all things apple-flavored as I am bringing home a bag and making some treats of my own…apple crisp? Apple cider? The possibilities are endless.



Fall isn’t just about eating…I think. The cooler weather is also an awesome opportunity to get out and hike without having to break too much of a sweat. I had an early morning hike with one of my new Theta sisters today, and it was absolutely perfect!

Pumpkin. Spice. Lattes.

You may end up disregarding the rest of this list because of this #basic addition, but all I’ve got to say is that haters are gonna hate. I LOVE PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES. There, I said it. It felt good.

Knitting Pretty

One time, I learned how to knit from a YouTube tutorial. The rest is history. Grab yourself a pair of needles and a ball of yarn and get to those perfect Christmas gifts!


Franklin Fall Festival

I work at a media company in Franklin, and I’ve fallen in love with this historic little town. Their annual Fall Festival includes a farmer’s market, car show, live music, and fireworks!


Growing up, my favorite Sunday afternoon looked a little something like this: sitting in the family room, working on homework and sipping some hot chocolate, watching my dad do his Sunday ironing and the crackling flames in our fireplace. The sound of sport announcers in the background set the ambiance, and the world was at peace. I’m not saying football is just nice background noise (or am I?) but try one of those Sunday afternoons on for size and tell me its not your favorite feeling in the world.


Pilgrimage Music Festival

Willie Nelson, Iron and Wine, The Decemberists, Band of Horses, Sheryl Crow. These are just a few of the artists that will be performing next week at the Pilgrimage Music Festival. I’ve got my tickets and cannot wait for an amazing weekend full of great music, delicious food, and new friends.

Here’s to a new season and all the fun that goes with it!




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